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C. A. Rosetti highschool

IES Urbano Lugris

General info about JONITEIST

This bilateral partnership started with the idea that youths need to communicate better and be richer spiritually to build a unite Europe. The Project focuses on the development of linguistic skills and encourages an intercultural dialogue which can develop a comparative study. We all know that comparison means critical thinking.
Understanding another people’s culture, another identity, calls for a proper definition of your own identity, for a better understanding of your own self. Rediscover what we always have had: our traditions, our values.
Our cultural heritage is remarkable. Our folk culture, our history and language are our identity, all together are assets that ensure for us a prestigious place among the European countries.
Traditions and customs are the elements that function as uniting elements between peoples. This is the cultural link we all benefit from.
The main interest of this research are the traditions, both Romanian and Spanish. The aim is to examine how these cultural treasures have been made known by the European nations in a creative transfer, due to their universal message. The findings will be used in writing a theatre play, directed and acted by the
students  themselves. The students, then,l will write articles in a magazine, make a CD and a web-page using English, Romanian and Spanish. The information they will collect will help create traditional products, such as: masks, painted eggs, icons, costumes and setting for the play.
The approach used is not only cross-curricular but also interdisciplinary.                                     
Cultural studies help us see how we ‘live’the culture and how a diversity of individuals experience it, it doesn’t mean only to learn foreign languages, arts or history. Teachers and students are invited to view themselves as art producers and authors of creative analysis.  
The title of the Project is JONITEIST and it involves 50 students and 6-8 teachers from each school called to discover the similiarities and the differences between Romanian and Spanish through cultural activities. “The aim of the Project is that students learn both the language and the traditions, customs, culture and history of the partners’ country”.

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