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picture The official launching of the Project

picture The making of the teams, giving the tasks.

pictureTraining and informing sessions for the members of the teams, team building activities.

picture Spanish lessons (2 hours per week) and buying Spanish textbooks.  

pictureCorrespondence – using TIC

pictureResearch and analysis (geography, history, literature, music, painting, sculpture, ethnography and folklore

picture Writing and editing articles on the theme of the Project for the site

picture Translating the documents written in Spanish, Romanian or English


Organising the contest for the logo of the Web page of the Project .

pictureActivities to make the Romanian traditional objects, Romanian and Galician ( painting icons on glass, making of traditional masks, spring token ‘Martisor’, painted eggs, congratulation cards, amulet)

pictureWriting of the Internet page of the Project

pictureVisits at the museums, historical cites to research the main elements of national identity by individual study.

pictureMeetings with the team, with the teachers, with the parents.

pictureTwo exchanges of students, mobilities, where 20 students accompanied by their teachers will participate in various activities in the partners’ country for 10 days.


The mobility of the Romanian students in Spain, in A Coruna, School IES Urbano Lugris, 8 – 19 May 2008; and the mobility of the Spanish students in Romania, Bucharest , C.A.Rosetti Highschool 20 – 29 April, 2009. 

pictureLearning English, Spanish and Romanian.

pictureCultural and scientific activities – “ National and International symposiums”, special Days of the Schools, Science on the Streets, The Europe Day,

pictureEvaluation, dissemination, revaluate

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